Wagner Moisture Test Kit

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The Rapid RH® moisture testing system should be used on any project where moisture-sensitive floor coverings or coatings are to be applied over concrete slabs.

Owners, general contractors, flooring contractors/ installers, and testing companies need to be sure the tests they perform are accurate, repeatable, and available to all who need to know the current moisture condition of concrete slabs.

Rapid RH® significantly improves your project team’s ability to instantly test and/ or monitor the drying progress of a concrete slab without adding substantial cost to the project.

The Rapid RH® enables you to take fast, accurate periodic readings that fully comply with industry standards.

Key Features:

  • Easy ASTM F2170 compliance
  • Accurate and reliable as well as the fastest method in the industry
  • Ideal for most flooring installers and other professional contractors
  • No need for sensor calibration — ever
  • 24-hour ambient temperature and relative humidity recording at the job site
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